I am an engineer with a large manufacturing company, which makes metal food containers at high speeds. We require precision and a depth of knowledge in metal working from a machine shop. Suburban has been able to provide us with both.

Suburban has been a huge asset to me as an Engineer. They work WITH me, especially on new designs where there are many unknowns and suggest improved ways of using materials before parts are machined. They have also been excellent at building “one off” experimental assemblies.

Suburban Tool is not only competent and professional, they are down to earth and friendly. It has been a pleasure working with them over the last seven years and I look forward to many years to come.

Craig R. Benson P.E.
Project Engineer

Dear Clark,

Recently your company machined a tool arm from scratch based on a print I provided and an old arm that was in rough shape from the stand-point of being measured accurately for the purposes of reverse engineering. I must tell you that the machining work that was done on the arm was outstanding. The tool arm looked better than any arm we ever received from the O.E.M., and our people in the field reported that the arm assembled up well and is on the machine and working perfectly. I would like to thank Chris for his work on this project. The tool arm was done on time and done correctly.  

Thanks again guys!

Keith J. Matthes
Machine Tool Service & Training Group, Inc.